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SBT Executive Series

SBT Accounting SoftwareExecutive Series is a highly scalable and completely integrated multi company accounting solution with strong drill down capabilities.   The Executive Series accounting system is available as either a web/cloud subscription service or as locally deployed client/server accounting system.

Standard features include document scanning, user defined security, file attachments, workflow routing and approvals.  Multi-entity (multi company/fund) support allows for managing hundreds of companies without having to ‘open’ a company to switch.  Hundreds of standard reports are available, all of which may be run for a single company, groups of companies, or all companies.

Features and BenefitsSBT Accounting Software

  • Customization Manager
  • Unlimited Detailed History for broad historical analysis
  • Multiple Companies/Funds with automatic intercompany balancing
  • Financial Report Writer for custom financial reports
  • Multi-Currency with over 150 currencies pre-loaded.
  • Multiple currency rate types (buy/sell)
  • Flexible Period Closing allows separate closes of AR, AP and GL per company.
  • Year End Closing may be run multiple times
  • Security Manager provides role/profile based security including multi level settings for menu, screen, and field-based security
  • Powerful Drilldown Capability – all reports and screens drill down to source documents
  • Automated Work Flow with Built-in Routing
  • Approval and re-approval support
  • Flash note reminders allow you to specify when and where the reminder will display
  • Report Maintenance allows easy customization of reports
  • User Defined Calendars supports over 999 accounting periods per fiscal year
    • Standard 12 month calendars
    • Restaurant/retail calendars of 52-53-week
    • Restaurant/retail calendars of 13 periods (28 day periods)
    • Retail / manufacturing calendars (4-5-4, 4-4-5, 5-4-4)
  • Multiple Calendars supported
  • Calendar allows an unlimited number of simultaneously open periods
  • Export information to multiple file formats including PDF, Excel, HTML and comma delimited
  • Flexible Import processing with powerful data mapping and api options
  • Email documents and reports
  • Fast implementation and setup