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Multidimensional COA

The multidimensional chart of accounts in the SBT Executive Series general ledger provides a flexible and powerful way to track and report on your business. A multi-dimensional chart of accounts (COA) is an account numbering system that has multiple segments defined within an account structure and enables tracking and reporting at a greater level of detail.   Chart of account dimensions are also often referred to as chart of account segments.

The Executive Series chart of accounts requires a minimum of the natural account dimension, company, and ledger type.   The natural account is what most people think of as the general ledger account, and for simple general ledgers it is.  It has the revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities defined.  The ledger type is financial or statistical.   The company dimension is used in multi-company accounting.   Additional dimensions may be defined in order to track things such as department, cost center, location, product/service type, region, or project.  Dimensions are defined to have a minimum and maximum size and may be alphanumeric.  A dimension may have a minimum size of zero, which means it can be left blank.

The financial report writer is designed to allow you to report by dimension.  You can use the built in structure template to limit (filter) your reports to limit to reporting on just those dimensions you want to see.  You can even report across companies (consolidated reporting) on specific dimensions.   Use the Financial Report writer’s column template to break out a dimension by column for a side by side comparison.  For example, if you want to know your most profitable location then you can generate your financials by location to list them out.