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TWAIN Working Group Announces TWAIN Direct Cloud Scanning with SBT Executive Series

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Raleigh, NC – November 29, 2023 – The TWAIN Working Group (TWG), a not-for-profit organization providing and fostering a universal public standard for image acquisition devices, announced today that Searer Business Technology (SBT) has deployed their SBT Executive Series accounting/ERP application, with their scanning component now powered by TWAIN Direct. SBT Executive Series is a scalable mid-market accounting/ERP solution with enterprise features such as multi company/fund processing with automatic intercompany processing, consolidated financial report writer, user defined import integrations, and paperless processing. SBT Executive Series paperless processing includes integrated scanning enabled by the TWAIN Direct standard – a very powerful feature designed to capture and process vendor invoices, contracts, and customer purchase orders. 

TWAIN Direct is a free, open-source standard that eliminates the need for users to install vendor-specific device drivers to communicate between TWAIN Direct enabled scanning devices and image-capture applications. It supports direct network communications between mobile and/or desktop applications and document scanning devices, including cloud platforms. TWAIN Direct addresses the need for something simple and direct that expedites application development that provides a customizable and feature-rich scanning experience.

The SBT Executive Series accounting/ERP application is mainly deployed as a cloud application, and makes available an on-premises version for those that require it. The cloud application includes TWAIN Direct as a scanner option and is available immediately. The client/server application will also feature TWAIN Direct in its upcoming version 11.0 release coming 2024.

“Setting up users with a scanner can be cumbersome as it requires a device driver which usually requires involvement from their IT department. This process can be costly and frustrating for users. We began looking for alternatives that can provide better long-term support but the only options we found were very expensive which only included similar functionality to what TWAIN Direct currently offers. TWAIN Direct is an ideal open-source solution, that supports both cloud and network scanning capabilities which are required for our users, ultimately allowing us to offer wi-fi scanners located anywhere as an added convenience for our users.”

“With TWAIN Direct technology, SBT Executive Series is now providing its customers with a near zero setup, and intuitive scanning experience,” stated Joseph Odore, TWAIN Working Group Chair. “SBT’s latest applications with TWAIN Direct scanning enabled, can now support scanning devices beyond traditional USB attached scanners – essentially cutting the cord and bringing their users scanning experience into the future!”

About The TWAIN Working Group The TWAIN Working Group, established in 1992, is a not-for-profit association of industry leaders who have gathered to create a standard that benefits the imaging industry as a whole. TWAIN’s purpose is to provide and foster a universal public standard which links applications and image acquisition devices. The ongoing mission of this organization is to continue to enhance the standard to accommodate future technologies. TWAIN generates multiple opportunities for application developers and users to access information and broaden the standard; through a developer’s forum, main website and online self-certification process. Current members of the TWAIN Working Group include P3iD Technologies, Inc., ExactCODE GmbH, PFU America Inc., Kodak Alaris, InoTec – a Datawin GmbH brand, Plustek, Inc., Atalasoft, Microtek, Inc., Dynamsoft, Epson America, Inc., LEAD Technologies, Hewlett Packard and PDF Association. More information about Developers Day participation and sponsorship, PDF/R, the TWAIN API and imaging standards can be obtained at, and

A Special Thanks to Our Member Companies

Board: Kodak Alaris, PFU America, Inc., P3iD Technologies, Inc., ExactCODE GmbHAssociate: InoTec – a Datawin GmbH brand, HP, Epson America, Dynamsoft, Atalasoft, Plustek, LEAD Technologies, Microtek

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