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Inventory Control is a complete inventory maintenance and tracking system.  Using Inventory Control, you can keep track of the various items you purchase, manufacture, and sell, including the ability to maintain lots and serial numbers.  In addition, you can keep up-to-date information about various locations where you store or process your inventory. Inventory Control’s wealth of reports and online inquiries enable you to accurately determine your inventory values and examine transaction patterns.  Executive Series inventory supports automatic inter-company transactions.

  • Serialization
  • Lots
  • Multiple Valuation Methods
  • SKU/Part Number Tracking
  • Non-Inventoried SKUs
  • Unit of Measure Conversion
  • Allowable Receiving Tolerances
  • User-Defined Categories
  • Unlimited Inventory Locations
  • Transfers
  • Physical Inventory
  • BOM Assembly
  • Cost/Price Change Feature
  • Multi-company inventory
  • Automatic inter-company inventory transactions