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Global setup features in SBT Executive Series are located in the Administration module. The benefit is that one location maintains pertinent system information and eliminates the need to change data in more than one module. SBT Executive Series is easy to administer.  Procedures are clear and easy to learn; online help provides clear reminders.

  • Fiscal Calendar
    • User defined calendars
    • Per Company / Per Module Period Open/Closing
  • Security
  • Screen Customizer
  • Routing for all modules
  • Attachments for all modules
  • Integrated Scanning for all modules
  • Banking
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Bank Transactions
    • Check Form Setup
  • Auto Comments
  • Batches
  • Report Maintenance
  • Report Tracking
  • Session Defaults
  • Multi-Currency Maintenance
  • Process Control
  • Import Setup/Processing
  • E-mail Connectivity
    • Email Text Templates
    • Email Address Templates (to,cc,bc, from)

SBT Accounting Software