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Executive Series System Requirements

Recommended Scanners for document scanning

Requirements for SAAS Implementations:

  • Edge, Chrome, or other browser, running on a windows operating system.

Requirements for On Premise Implementations:

Minimum Workstation Requirements

    • Windows 10, 8, 7
    • 500 MB RAM or more recommended
    • 250 MB of hard disk space for SBT Executive Series programs

Database Server Software

One of the following database server is required to run Executive Series:

    • Oracle® 11g or newer.  Express, Standard and Enterprise editions are all supported.
    • Microsoft® SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2017, 2019 or newer.   All editions supported including Express, Workgroup, Enterprise and Datacenter.
    • Sql Anywhere Version 12 or newer
    • SAP Sybase® Adaptive Server Enterprise 15 or newer

Database Server Requirements

  • Hardware Requirements for the database are defined by the database vendor.
  • Server Operating System: Any supported by the database vendor (Windows Server, Linux, Unix, Netware)
  • Database disk space required by Executive Series is highly dependent on the modules used and the number of transactions processed.  Initial installs may require only 500MB of database space for the first several years.  For those using the full suite of modules, the initial size of the database may be 2GB or more.

Report Writers

For custom reports (other than Financial Reports), use SAP Sybase®   Infomaker.  You may use any existing report as a template to create your new report.  All reports built in Infomaker can run as a native report in Executive Series.

You may also use other party report writers such as Clickbase and Crystal Reports.   These report writers do not support using existing Executive Series reports as templates.   Excel can also be used.


  • SMTP E-Mail Server
  • Microsoft® Exchange and Outlook® 

Optional Software

  • Microsoft Excel for exporting financial budgets, project budgets and financial statements