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Montvale Para Holdings Implements Executive Series

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SBT 2017 Release – Montvale Para Holdings Implements Executive Series

Oct 1, 2017 (Philadelphia, PA) – Searer Business Technology, Inc., a market leader in affordable multi company accounting solutions for the mid-market, announces that Montvale Para Holdings is running Executive Series cloud accouting.

In July of 2017,  Montvale Para Holdings, Inc., parent company of The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co, Inc. (A&P), selected SBT Executive Series cloud to replace Oracle Financials as their accounting system.   A&P’s requirements for the new accounting solution was to provide capabilities similar to Oracle Financials such as powerful multi-company accounting, automatic inter-company entries, and a consolidating financial report writer.  In addition, the new system had to be able to easily import over 100,000 existing AP invoices, manage over 25 entities, handle their large chart of accounts, and support their 28 day/13 period fiscal calendar.  Critically, the cost of their new accounting solution had to be dramatically lower than their old system, while providing similar capabilities.    Executive Series cloud version has been fully implemented including setup, account balance transfers for 100+ entities, financial report setup, and an import of over 100,0000 AP invoices.

Dawn DeVito of Montvale Para Holdings commented, “SBT allowed us to do a rapid installation of approximately 3 weeks with their excellent support team at minimal cost. We find that functionality is similar to Oracle, as well as some items are less tedious to manage in the SBT software. I was up and creating my own reports within minutes of the abbreviated training we did. Excellent product and Excellent service.”

About Searer Business Technology (SBT)
Searer Business Technology is a provider of multi company accounting software for the mid-market. With SBT Executive Series, businesses can easily manage their finances and operations in a secure and scalable system with a complete audit trail.  SBT Executive Series provides enterprise level functionality at affordable prices. For more information SBT can be reached on the web at or email at [email protected].